About Dominion Financial Services

We are one of the nation’s top-5 largest private lenders for real estate investors. When we started lending in 2002, we had one goal in mind: we wanted our borrowers to instantly recognize how completely different we were than any other hard money lender. We are pretty proud of the fact that we’ve exceeded that goal! We want to be your lender. Check out how to get preapproved right now.

Our Team

Fred Lewis, Founder

Fred Lewis, founder of The Dominion Group in 2002. Fred provides daily strategic oversight in all The Dominion Group companies with a special focus on operations and fundraising. Fred subscribes to the philosophy that in order be successful long term, you must provide real value to all your stakeholders that include your customers (buyers and borrowers), tenants, investors, employees, and owners.

Jack BeVier, Partner

Since joining the Dominion Group  in 2008, Jack has worked in nearly every aspect of Dominion’s businesses including acquisitions, construction & property management, marketing, sales, and business development. Jack has been responsible for the purchase of over 1,500 single family real estate investment deals and has helped make Dominion Financial Services a private lender that will provide over $100 Million in private loans this year.

Andy Lincoln, Manager

Andy works closely with all of Dominion Financial Services’ borrowers on a daily basis, where he manages the receipt of payments, reminders, and the formal processes around collection if necessary. Andy also reviews all initial loan requests in order to identify loan deals that are meet our standards for further review and discussion by the underwriting team. Andy is directly responsible for tracking and coordinating loans from approval, loan funding, and payoff. Andy has a bachelor’s degree in finance and business administration from the University of Maryland and an MBA in Business Administration from the University of Maryland. Andy has also been a licensed real estate agent for over 6 years.

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We lend in all states and the District of Columba with the exception of Nevada. For all others, don’t wait until you have a deal to get pre-approved with a Dominion Investor Line of Credit.

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